Your website should be a comprehensive representation of your brand and services that is both beautiful and functional for you and your clients. Websites have evolved far beyond a fancy design and are now expected to contribute to business solutions. Let me help your business flow by integrating services into your website that will ultimately save you time and continue to impress and inform your potential clients.

Website Services include, but not limited to:
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Custom Design & Functionality
  • SEO Plugins
  • Content Management Control
  • Contact Forms and Surveys
  • Custom Photography


Websites have become such an essential piece of your business. I say to my clients and new customers, your websites is the storefront of your business, and your most valuable employee. Let’s make a good first impression.

Make it easy for your customers to buy you with a website built specifically for your business and your company’s goals.

With design and your ideal clients first in mind, your website will look clean, be mobile and SEO-friendly, and easy to manage.


Other Popular Requests to be added to your website package:


Set your business apart from the crowd with a new brand design that looks and feels like you’ve always wanted it to. {More specific details of Branding & Graphic Design coming soon.}


Get social with your potential clients and customers with posts and imagery that consists with your brand. Consistency in your online presence is what builds the trust that makes people want to buy you.

ONGOING SUPPORT Because you can’t get rid of us that easy.

Nobody wants to be the victim of the ‘one-and-done’ epidemic, especially after you have invested great time and energy into arguably the most important ‘welcome mat’ of your company – and by this, I mean your website. 😉

This is the stage when the fun continues, when testing the market is essential to making your business a success. Many times, we find out MORE about how your customers honestly respond to your websites AFTER the launch. What is their experience like as they navigate though your website to make them want to contact you or buy you? Are you at your fullest potential with usability and communicating what you do? Is your SEO at it’s highest it can be?

I find after the launch is when my happy clients discover what works and what doesn’t. By continuing to nurture you and your business, I continue online ongoing support from website updates, one off video tutorials and worksheets, we have you covered.

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Common Questions Answered

Typically, for a Simple 5 page website (Home, About, Services, Contact, and Blog) starts at $1,500. Based on the scope of project the client wants

For a much larger project, which includes an online shop, or just in other words a lot of content, I start my prices at $30 per hour. I send an invoice every 2 weeks with details of the work done and expect the 30 day payment due plan.

While working on a new website, I give 6 months from the start of the project of regular backups and updates for free. After that, it costs $10 for a backup/update package.

How often should I backup my website?

Each backup is $10 each, usually done every Friday. It is recommended you choose how often you want to keep your website updated and safe from crashing.

Weekly backups: Great for clients who add or update their content constantly. Weekly backups are best for online or ‘brick and mortar’ shops who work with a lot of movement with products, or wedding photographers or artists who constantly update their portfolios online.

Biweekly backups are optional upon request.

Monthly backups: This is perfect option for everyone else who don’t update their websites too often. This can go well for law firms.


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