Hello 2017! New Year’s Action Plan

Hello 2017! New Year’s Action Plan

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Now that I think it’s safe to say I am in my “late twenties,” I’ve come to realize that every year is a transition year. Behind the scenes, I’ve had some changes professionally and personal life. I’ve made some intentional decisions for some big milestones, but it seems like once it has happened, it is easy to focus on the next chapter ahead.

Every year, I create a list of things I’d like to accomplish for the new year. Something in “pen-and-paper” that I can periodically look at when it comes time to making big decisions.


Here are the Goals of 2017!


On Business

Create a Thriving Shop.
Yes, you heard that right, creating an online shop is my #1 Goal of 2017. Downloadable prints, landscape photography (limited edition), glass etching, and hand lettering designs are just a few of the items to look forward to in the next several months.

As expected, the coding and logistics involved with this phase of the website is taking up some time in between client projects; also creating enough inventory to add to popular sellers like Creative Market and Etsy. As far as the local market is concerned, I will make my way around several artisan shops in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Raise my social media following by 500%.
As we know all about the S.M.A.R.T Goals, ‘M’ = Measurable. I want to grow a community of everyone interested in a bit of creativity to bringing a smile to the face. Consistency breeds legitimacy, and if I approach 2017 with this, it will happen.

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… by the way, the time starts now – follow me with the links below, please? 😉

Some fun stats: 
Facebook Page = 169 followers  // Twitter = 130 followers

Pinterest = 96 followers  //  Instagram = 238 followers


On Relationships

Nurture Relationships.
I know relationships are important – if asked what’s important to me in life, you’d find that family, friends, and my relationships would rank at the top. But doing what it takes to maintain them doesn’t always come naturally to me. This year I want to come up with some new ways to love on the people who are important to me, especially those I don’t see all the time.


Be Kind to Myself

Be Kind.
“If you can be anything, be kind,” right? When all is said and done, this I believe should be my first priority. Be kind to everyone, and be especially kind to yourself may just be the theme of this year.

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Rediscover my confidence.
For as long as I can remember, being confident is something I struggle with. I am completely uncomfortable acknowledging my strengths in verbal conversation. Do I have doubts? Of course! That doesn’t make what I’ve achieved and what I do is any less valuable. I am fortunate enough to have such great advocates in my life {family, friends, boyfriend, local community}, maybe it’s time to really start getting comfortable becoming my own advocate too.

Enjoy this Season of Life.
My dad told me since childhood to just smell the roses, and to enjoy this season of life. I think that speaks true for all of us, wherever we are in this journey of life.

Sure, I might not have enough money to fill my wardrobe with expensive clothes, or build my own customized design studio I see on Pinterest.

I actually have enough clothes to fit in a suitcase, and a tiny desk in my bedroom I call my “studio.” I don’t have a family, own a house, not even a dog yet – but that’s okay. This is just part of my own season of life, and this is where I am supposed to be – here and now. I am going to choose to treasure the freedoms I do have now, and patiently await for the rest of my life’s milestones to take it’s place when it’s the right time.

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& Other Things

Find a place for everything.
… and everything in its place. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by my stuff after a year of living in a (somewhat) temporary living situation, and I’m tired of things not having a place. I want to be organized by creating places for the things that I must (or want) to keep.

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Welcome a New Dog!
I’m not sure of the when or how. Like a couple similar goals above, I know the day will come when a new puppy will come and bring them home. It is fun though looking around at Irish Setters, English Setters, Nova Scotia Trollers, and Labradors. Until then, I am enjoying getting my ‘dog fix’ with Nellie. She is so lovable! I will post more pictures soon.

Words To Live By for 2017?

Create & Thrive

Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to what 2017 brings both personally & professionally to me and my loved ones.

What are your wishes for the coming year? Any ideas for your single #WordsToLiveBy? Leave a reply by commenting below, I look forward to hearing your thoughts & following your journey as well!


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