But just in case I've already answered your question, take a look at the FAQs below:

Yes! Please look at my services page and reach out to me through the contact form below. I'm excited to hear from you!

My goal is to provide my clients with a cohesive, streamlined brand from start to finish. Many of my clients have a logo and brand, I can help solidify the brand and look of your company. Single designs, brochures, websites, etc., are quoted individually upon request.

If you are a brand new company, or considering re-branding, I recommend an one all-inclusive package for brand, website, and collateral design. 

Not at the moment. For a look at why I prefer using this platform and why I suggest it for each of my clients.

Same thing as which hosting companies to choose from. I always recommend Bluehost to my clients. I use it myself, because the hosting cost is super reasonable, the service is excellent, and it is super user-friendly to work with. However, I understand my clients should have full knowledge and advice for all options of website hosting. I believe it is up to the client to choose which hosting company works best for them. I have clients who choose to host their websites through Bluehost, as well as GoDaddy, and a wide range of other web hosting companies. It all depends on you.

Yes! My best advice is found in an upcoming blog post, coming soon.

While I love helping bloggers and business owners refine and improve their site, I'm currently unable to answer every email with a thoughtful response. But I will do my best!

While I love WordPress and Bluehost and highly recommend it to clients and readers, I'm not able to answer questions about the platform at this time.

Feel free to search the WordPress and Bluehost Help sites - they're always super helpful!


Contact Me

Walpole, New Hampshire USA

I live and work out of my home in Walpole, New Hampshire, but I am also seen a lot in Keene NH and the Brattelboro VT area.

If you would like to meet up with me one-to-one, contact me at nicole@njpcreative.com.

Expected reply for general inquiries: 1-2 days

Say "hello" I would love to hear from you!

Happy Email!