Hello there! I’m Nicole, the creator of NJP Creative.

First and foremost, I am a creative designer and an artist. I also am a Creative Designer, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, and Lifestyle Photographer. I have also done Hand-Lettering work which has been sought after by my colleagues. With many interests in the creative force, I am what Marie Forleo calls a “multi-passionate entrepreneur.”

My mission is to inspire businesses to build their creative empire online, while sharing their best self to their communities. To blend who they are with what they do through solid branding and design. To make their website the “storefront of their business,” to get their potential customers wanting more. My mission is also buy the majority of my supplies for my business and in life from local businesses – supporting the local economy and all things ‘Made in USA.’

I am passionate about advising others in how to promote their business in the most effective way by blending who they are with what they do.